Announcing New Divisions & Leadership Promotions

MYA is excited to announce the establishment of three distinct business divisions to streamline operations and better serve a diverse client base. The new divisions, Grocery North, Grocery South, and Convenience, Specialty, and Distribution (CSD), will organize all lines of business within the company going forward.

The Grocery North division is based out of Grimes, IA and includes coverage for:
Hy-Vee, Fareway, UNFI, Target, the Colorado Grocery Market, and the Wisconsin Grocery Market

The Grocery South division is based out of Olathe, KS and includes support for:
Associates Wholesale Grocers (AWG) retailers, Schnucks, and Save-A-Lot

The Convenience, Specialty, & Distribution (CSD) division focuses on non-traditional grocery retailers including:
Convenience Stores, Convenience Store Distributors, Specialty Stores, Value/Dollar Retailers, and the MYA Distribution Division (including

MYA is pleased to announce the promotion of the following key team members to Executive Vice President, Vice President, Director and Manager roles, overseeing each new division:

Grocery North Division
Bob Gostomski, Executive Vice President
Cory Collard, Vice President
Lori Merical, Director of Operations
Kelly Sixta, Director of Sales
Stephen Larson, Account Executive Manager
Anthony Zmiewski, Account Executive Manager
Mark Hansen, Retail Territory Sales Manager
Jeremy Grenier, Retail Territory Sales Manager
Jon Maynard, Retail Territory Manager
Chris Phillips, Retail Territory Manager
Staisha Nelson, Account Coordinator Manager

Grocery South Division
Justin Heidenreich, Executive Vice President
Tom Good, Vice President
Mark Croft, Sr. Director of Fresh
Jack Jacobs, Sr. Director of Business Development
Christina Roush, Director of Operations
Nick Gilpin, Director of Sales
Matt Ruggles, Account Executive Manager
Kevin Porter, Account Executive Manager
Jim Rath, Key Account Team Manager
Chris Peterson, Key Account Team Manager
Melodie Dasta, Retail Territory Sales Manager
Mike Godfrey, Retail Territory Sales Manager
Teri Jewett, Account Coordinator Manager

Convenience Store, Specialty, & Distribution (CSD) Division
Chris Yurgae, Executive Vice President
Joe Bertino, Vice President
Stuart Appleton, Director of Business Development
Erica White, Director of Operations
Mike Tangeman, Director of Sales
Jeff Auld, Director of Distribution & E-Commerce
Gary Culp, Account Executive Manager
Aaron Weaver, Key Account Team Manager
Kurt Olson, Retail Territory Sales Manager
Janet Stevens, Account Coordinator Manager
Matt Chenoweth, Warehouse Manager

As leaders within the organization, these individuals will each play a crucial role in steering their division towards continued growth and success. Their leadership and strategic vision are expected to contribute significantly to MYA’s continued success in the competitive consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

“We believe that the new organization of our business into three distinct divisions is a step forward in optimizing our operation,” said Jeff Yurgae, President of Mueller Yurgae Associates. “The newly appointed leadership brings a wealth of expertise, and we are confident that under their direction, each division will thrive and continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.”

MYA foresees rapid expansion and has published a wide range of career opportunities that can be found online at For more information, please contact your MYA representative or send us a message here.

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